Tuesday, February 7, 2012


i always woke up wif a question in mind every morning..
till when i'm gonna be like this??
i perform my prayers,fasting during Ramadhan,be good to everyone,
but,can I be the resident of Allah's jannah soon?

no one forced me to do so..
no one threatened me to change..
but,i'm willing to do this..
for the sake of myself during Akhirat..
i started to wear my Hijab now..

of course my hijrah suprised everyone,at first..
and some of them keep asking me,
"are u serious??"
"are u well prepared for all this??"
and i'm just smiling,left them wif all the questions...=)

yeah,at first....,
i felt so hot wearing this Hijab,
there's no more winds that blowing my hairs..
my fashion styles also felt so limited..
yet,sometimes i felt so depressed...

but,i keep thinking..
i want the Jannah..
i have to be strong wif all these...
hot in this world is only a little compared to the Azab in Akhirat..
i would rather choose Akhirat than the world..

my family,friends and my loved one supporting me..
they give me lots of fashionable Hijabs and tips to be a pretty Muslimah..
i'm glad now..
and i'm still learn to be a good Muslimah..
hope everyone could accept it..

1 comment:

  1. very happy to know this hijrah. even me not a very good muslimah.. but as if, i always hope for good.. Make myself extra study and observing for the best,indeed.. I really hope that one day, I will be as fine as highlighted in Quran.

    Sama-sama lah kita ya Dada :) Happy for u..